Maureen K., English Teacher

I worked with Stacey Simpson for over a year. To say that she has helped me change my life for the better would be an understatement. We started working together to help me deal with mental health issues that I had been struggling with for about eight years. Before I had met Stacey, I had worked with several people, trying to get things on track. I was never able to create a connection with any of the people who were trying to help me. I truly felt that I was on my own, and would simply have to just live with things the way they were. From day one with Stacey, I felt at ease. Her energy was extremely positive, and her insights were always right on. I trusted her from the first time we met, and from that point on, I always knew that whatever she was suggesting I work on would be something that was going to help me. She always made me feel comfortable, as if I was talking to my best friend.

We worked with so many different techniques. She always promoted meditation, positive thinking, attracting the things that I want, as well as relaxation techniques to help me through my days. Whenever she read a book that helped her, or had gone to a conference that gave her new techniques, she would always share them with me. When she returned from a Tony Robbins conference, she had so many wonderful suggestions for helping me. She was so enthusiastic and excited to try what she learned herself. I have bought every book that Stacey has ever recommended, and have always been helped by the information that I obtained from reading them.

On days that Stacey and I could not meet, we would do phone sessions. At first I was unsure as to how helpful phone sessions would be. I assumed that by not being able to speak to her, person to person, it would not be as helpful. This was not the case. It was as if she was sitting with me wherever I was, while on the phone. I could still feel her positive energy, and her enthusiasm as we talked over the phone. She absolutely saved my life.  Even after I had worked through many of my problems, I continued working with Stacey.

Eventually, my boyfriend of about a year came in with me so that we could do some joint sessions to work on our relationship. Her compassion, understanding, and insight were endless. She helped us, and guided us to create a very deep and spiritual connection with each other. She helped us to communicate on the deepest levels. Before we started with Stacey, we loved each other, but did not know exactly how much. Before Stacey, we communicated, but not fully all of the time. Through Stacey’s constant help and intuition, we were able to find a happiness, and love together that almost seems unreal. About a month after we were working with Stacey, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. During our engagement, Stacey worked even harder to make sure that we were connected on the deepest levels. We are now married and we are so incredibly happy. Our life is like a fairy tale, and Stacey has been like our fairy godmother.

Stacey has helped me work on myself as a wife, as a teacher, as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister, and as a person who seeks to make a more pure and perfect life. The thought that she could be able to expand her horizons to help even more people, in the way that she has helped me, made me feel incredibly happy and at peace.

I have always wished that every friend of mine, every family member, and anyone struggling with themselves and their lives, could have someone as special as Stacey on their side to help them through their journey. The world would be a much happier, and more peaceful place to live if she could have the chance to touch the lives of others, in the positive way that she has touched, and changed my life.