Margaret Hearn, Server

margarethearnsStacey is a wonderful counselor.  I have been working with her for nearly three years.  I went to her for help dealing with the deaths of several family members and friends that occurred within a short time, a difficult job transition, and tricky relationship issues.  She has helped me clarify my concerns, consider the best way to deal with them, and implement a plan of action to tackle my biggest problems.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed, she has shown me that I have the strength and internal resources to deal with everything.  I have confidence in her and know that I am getting good advice.  I like working with her because on the one hand, she is empathetic and easy to talk to so I am comfortable confiding in her, but on the other hand she always maintains a professional demeanor and is able to analyze my concerns with insight and objectivity.  Stacey has helped (and continues to help) me grow, have confidence in myself and my abilities, and take on whatever life throws at me.  I am a happier and healthier person for having worked with her.