Josephine Brecht, CphT, Customer Service Analyst

JB TLC Testimonial PicFor me, life became overwhelming.  Facing job stress, family stress, health issues, exhaustion, and lacking the ability to balance everything.  I sought out Stacey’s help.  I thank God for her every day.  Without her counseling, I would be an anxious, worrying mess, and would have missed out on one of the most exciting trips of my life.  She has given me the tools I need to help me deal with the every day stressors.  She has helped me develop a calmness inside of me, within my head and within my heart that I have never had before.  She is guiding me to become a better and more positive person, and encouraging me to strive for a happier life.

Through her excellent hypnotherapy technique, she has not only CURED my phobia and fear of flying, I actually think flying is FUN now!  That definitely came in handy for my long trip to Australia.  Both my husband and I could not believe my transformation.  Every time the plane took off, I though about how much I wanted to hug Stacey when I got back for helping me to remain so calm.  Thank you Stacey, for all that you have done to improve my relationships, my job, and my life.  For me, you are truly a Godsend.  You’re an angel.  God bless you!