Derek Clark, Drexel University Graduate

DerekClark.jpgI met professor Simpson in my junior year at Drexel University for Group Counseling courses. I randomly picked her because Drexel usually has a good pool to select from. My classmate on the other hand researches every professor she has.  I was more than excited when she informed me that we struck gold with Professor Simpson. From the first day of class until now, the treasures and gifts she has blessed me with in the form of coaching, words of encouragement and suggestions, has added value to my life experiences. Without much effort,
I am now writing in my gratitude journal regularly, and putting a check mark next to things on my bucket list. Accomplishing more now that I’m learning how to attract the people and experiences to me that will play a role in fulfilling my purpose in life. I am blessed to have met Professor Simpson because she has helped me develop leadership skills that I use in almost every area of my life. I honestly wouldn’t be who I am today had it not been for the contributions of Professor Simpson!