Christina McGrath, M.S., Senior Account Manager

christinamcgrathI have been seeing Stacey Simpson on and off for almost 5 years. During those years I have been through some difficult times. Stacey has always been a positive force in my life. She has helped me through some very challenging relationship issues. She has also helped me develop life skills to handle everyday challenges and situations. Stacey has been extremely valuable in helping me identify and build on my strengths. With her support, I have also learned how to target areas to work on allowing for more personal growth. She always knows the right questions to ask, and offers the tools I need, so that I can see the positive steps that I need to take, which are often before me. No matter how I feel before going into therapy, I always feel much better when I leave. Stacey is encouraging, insightful and empathetic. If it were not for her I wouldn’t have been able to get through some of these tough times. I always appreciate her expertise and positive outlook. Because of her I am in a better place in my life. She has given me the tools I needed to be happy again, and I have taken the necessary steps to become a better person for myself and for those around me.