Bianca Williams, Group Facilitator at Hall Mercer Psychiatric Clinic in Philadelphia

testimonialphotobiancaThe two classes I took with Professor Simpson at Drexel University were Group Counseling I and II. In both classes the Professor taught about the various types of counseling groups as well as the different forms of therapeutic approaches used respectively.  As a teacher Professor Simpson  is extremely fair.  Professor Simpson stresses in her instruction the importance of being ourselves most importantly, which I felt really created an atmosphere  in which I felt more confident and yet able to become  more aware of where I needed to improve upon.

As a result of working with Professor Simpson there are a number of extremely positive things that I have both experienced and learned.  Professor Simpson taught me that in order for one to be their “best self”, they must stop comparing themselves to others, and that being human is the greatest gift that one can give to another person in any setting especially in that of counselor and client.  In a counseling setting being rigid and feeling as though one must be serious at all times does the client a disservice. I learned that using humor can be just as effective and therapeutic as allowing the client time to tell their story. Last but certainly not least, I truly learned that as humans our fears and feelings are more alike than they are different and that diversity be in it race or story should only make us more favorable towards each other not fearful.

I would more than highly recommend Professor Simpson as a teacher for Psychology, or any other professional or personal development classes. She is beyond skilled in what she teaches, and is certified in a variety of therapeutic and life building practices.