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2014staceyturquoisewebsiteimagejpeg_0Hi, my name is Stacey Simpson and I became a coach, counselor, trainer and college psychology teacher to help people become the best they can be in every way.  Over the past 25 years I have worked with thousands of clients and students to help them create meaning, fulfillment, balance, success, love and happiness in their lives.

I’ve been fortunate enough to gain education and experience in a variety of disciplines that help people lead positive healthy lives. I have an undergraduate degree in Business and Psychology and a Master’s degree from Villanova University in Counseling and Human Relations.  After graduate school, I  became a certified Trainer and Teacher of  NLP, HNLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, Meditation and Life Coaching. I’m trained as a Divorce Mediator and Co-Parent Counselor as well.   I read, learn, and attend trainings  from the leading edge thinkers, scientists and spiritual leaders of our time, and apply that in my work to help people live lives of true connection, love and joy. I’ve studied with Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Deepak Chopra, Fabienne Fredrickson and many others over the past 20 years.

In 1997, I became the founder and director of The Life Connection (TLC), offering coaching, counseling, classes and resources for Creating Your Best Life Now.  I have taught certification trainings in NLP, HNLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, Coaching and many additional personal and professional development trainings.   For many years I have taught a variety of psychology classes at many colleges and universities including Drexel and Princeton University.  Some of the college courses I’ve taught include Intro to Psychology, Group Counseling 1&2, Holistic Health, Personal Health and Wellness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Over the years I’ve worked in many different types of counseling settings including in-patient, partial, community mental health, managed care, group practices and school settings  as a school guidance counselor (K-12) and college counselor.   I am able to use a blend of traditional and holistic modalities to help my clients in whatever way works best for them. For the past 17 years I’ve had a private practice and worked with individual, couples, and families to help  them make transformational changes in their lives.

When I’m not teaching and coaching, I enjoy reading, yoga, socializing, networking, attending workshops, classic rock concerts, the television shows Impractical Jokers, Parenthood,  and Shark Tank, drinking Starbucks coffee drinks,  and having fun with the people I love.  I currently live in PA with my beautiful daughter Skyler and my two little sweet little dogs Bodhi and Snoopy.

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